From Start-Upsto long standing organizations, to everything in between.

Our diverse team of advisers works diligently on perfecting our craft as well as seek opportunities to grow our portfolio.


A brief history on our humble beginnings.

Full Armor Worldwide is a holding and investment entity with ownership in 9 companies. We started in 2016 and grew quickly with office locations in the Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tempe. Our 9 companies are: Full Armor Protection Group,Full Armor Consulting Group, Full Armor Property Management Group, Full Armor Financial Group, Full Armor Logistics Group, Full Armor Construction Group, Calidad Talent Solutions, Chicago Mustangs Football, and Heart to Heart Healthcare With Full Armor Worldwide, you can now collaborate with the best. We are your solution when it comes to your growth and expansion plans. We have been serving different clients in a variety of expertise wherein they find convenience and receive the best services that will help in making their businesses a success.


Full Armor Worldwide is working with passion in order to give the satisfaction and needs of the clients worldwide. We have been delivering the best investment services that every client will be able to fully enjoy. We have been ensuring our clients that they will receive a high quality of services from investments down to customer service, which will result to top-notch overall customer experience.


Moreover, Full Armor Worldwide owns multiple brands to suit your business services needs. We look to provide our clients with as many resources possible in order for their business to grow and prosper.


Take a look at the Business Services that are available.

Full Armor Worldwide handles this brand wherein clients are guaranteed that they will be able to find people who are good at protecting others. Our protection group is responsible for providing the best and highly protection group, which will keep everyone in a safe place and see to it that no danger can come near any client.

If you are looking for a company that can handle your properties professionally and meticulously, Full Armor Worldwide’s Property Management can take good care of your properties regardless of how big or small it can be. We provide expert management for your properties, which will never face any dilemma under our care. We make sure that your properties are in good hands.

When it comes to your finances, you can always put your trust in our Financial Group. We have been managing finances of our clients and we serve as financial advisors that will guide individuals when it comes to their money. We have great financial advisors who have great knowledge and skills when finances are the matter. We only give what is best for our clients and nothing more.

Looking for professional and intelligent consultants? Full Armor Worldwide has it. Our consulting group is responsible for providing professional and reliable answers to all your questions when it comes to your questions regarding investments and other services. We are happy to provide you the solutions to all of your problems in a proficient manner.

When it comes to creating quality products and designs, our construction group can help you out. We have a construction group that is capable of providing the finest quality of products and ensures safety and great designs at all times.

If you want an all in one service from an expert and reliable company, Full Armor Worldwide is the company that will give you full and complete services that will never upset you. We only provide the best for our clients and we ensure that they will be able to receive high-quality ones which will match their standards and expectations.

Full Armor Worldwide makes sure that clients will be able to build better tomorrows that will not be full of regrets.


Full Armor Worldwide and its subsidiaries have been able to help businesses from all across the country. Take a look at what we have done so far.